Monday, 25 October 2010

The Tipping Point - Completed

After finally completing the Tipping Point, i have to say i did really enjoy it and i would definitely recommend it to a friend! It really got me thinking and made me realise that everything in life seemed to relate to it. We all know someone who is a connector and the one who always knows other people's business. We can all think of a fashion trend that has made us want to go out urgently and buy it because we know someone else that has it but when will that trend "tip" and the item of clothing get thrown out. We all know someone at school that started smoking young and mabye the reasons why. Everything spreads quickly when you know the right person and before u know it an epidemic has begun.
I found the stickiness chapter interesting and the comparison between children TV programme's such as "Sesame street" and "Blue's clues". When you have already watched both programmes, after reading the chapter you understand why when we were children we got bored and the experiments that proved it. For example on "Sesame street", Ed Palmer and Gerald Lesser experimented with children to find out where they were losing concentration and make small tweaks to the programme to make a children's TV programme that sticks.

Another Chapter I found compelling was Power of Context Which i decided to do my second mind map on. The tipping point concentrates on situations why causes trends to "tip" in mass popularity e.g. the rapid New York crime decline in the 1990's. The chapter focuses on ways of cleaning up the neighborhood and the story of Bernie Goetz. I feel that the "Broken Windows Theory" is a very successful theory with many advantages and proves that with an already clean neighborhood, it is more likely to remain that way.

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