Wednesday, 6 October 2010

NHS Artwork!

I was at work at the weekend, reading a newspaper and noticed something about NHS artwork. Turns out, the husband of a dying woman who was denied life-prolonging drugs on the NHS has criticised hospital bosses for spending more than £400,000 on art.
According to the hospital, the art - which includes two three-metre tall human statues made from fibre glass and steel – will “reduce stress, speed up recovery and aid the healing process.”
A statement from Bouygues UK and Mid Essex Hospital Services said: “The project aims to contribute to the overall aim of providing excellence and effective models of care, by enhancing the environment for everyone who uses the hospital and helping to reduce stress, speed up recovery and aid the healing process.

I was outraged by what i had read! How could metal human statues cost that amount of money? when it could be going towards more important thing aka saving somebodies life!!. Yes, it may make the place more attractive from the outside but should'nt it be what's going on in the inside of the building that counts?

I'm sure there would be some artists out there who would quite happily donate some artwork to the hospital (e.g. me) and be pleased it was going towards a good cause! Or even work produced by primary school children would lighten the place up! I don't understand how human statues has any relevance to speeding up recovery.

anywaysss rant over:)

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