Friday, 21 January 2011

first lecture of 2011!

I found today's lecture very interesting and it really made me think! It was all about "taste" and how peoples "taste" can then lead to a trend. Johnathan asked people to stand up if they were wearing a hoody, a scarf, and people who had blonde hair and I found it weird how people wearing the same clothing clustered together. At first I didn't see where he was coming from... But thinking into a bit more, it made me realise just how much trend plays a large part in my life. For example before I came to university I seemed to always wear jeans. But after only about a month my clothing style changed to wearing more skirts, shorts, tights and leggings! I think I only wore jeans on three occasions last year! I found the same with my music taste. I came to university with a very varied collection but after meeting my boyfriend I feel as though I appreciate dance music more. I think having something in common with someone can make you feel a lot closer to them.