Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Georgina Von Etzdorf

Yesterday, we had a talk by the well known textile designer, Georgina Von Etzdorf.
I have to say it was one of the most influential speeches i have ever received and really made me think about my own designs and way's in which i could improve them.
Georgina was so ordinary and such a down to earth person, which made it easy for me to listen to her talk.

She was born in Peru but she graduated in 1977 from Camberwell School of Art. She started off in her parents garage before coming into partnership with two other designers Martin Simcock and Johnathan Docherty. They have even designed garments for The Rolling Stones, Kyle and Robbie Williams.

The Company GVE started by producing distinctive hand-printed textiles but now go onto sell everything ranging from dressing gowns, to furniture, to gloves.

I really appreciate Georgina coming to visit us at Dundee and feel absolutely privileged to have got to see a lot of her garments in person. She had definitely gave me a brighter outlook on textile design and success.

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