Friday, 29 October 2010

lecture 29.10.2010

Today we had an interesting lecture from johnathon about what was the difference between good design and bad design.. The part I found most interesting was about how males and female are different.. E.g. Is it right that it should be the woman's job to stay home and look after children. He also spoke about although there isn't actually people who are always going to be lucky or unlucky but by the way people act can make them think like this. The example johnathon used that I found most convincing was about a woman who came to the conclusion that everytime a green coloured car passed her she would end up in a car accident. Instead the case being that when she did see a green car approaching she would concentrate too hard on the road ahead, and bringing on the accident herself. The other experiment was a group of girls and boys passing two balls between either people wearing : black t-shirts and white t-shirts.. We were asked to concentrate on only yhe white t-shirts and to count how many passes. By concentrating so intensely on the ball the majority of people did not notice a black haired gorilla walking straight through the group! I managed to but only because I noticed people laughing.. Although johnathon never did tell us how many passes there actually was!!

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