Sunday, 20 March 2011

Assignment 4 - Interviews, but not as we know them.

In assignment three we went to the bingo and watched how people act and interact in a certain environment but in this assignment we are the one's who have to interact with people through the form of an interview. I decided to chose the question: "How have stundents' dress sense changed this they left home?". Mainly because i know that my dress sense has changed and I feel it is a question where younger people can relate to.
After I chose my topic, I created a mind map on dress sense in students and if it has changed. A lot of different factors can affect someones dress sense, ranging from: budget, the course they study, upbringing etc.

We are not looking for statistics but descriptions and explanations from the people being interviewed. The questions i decided to work from are: 1) Has your dress sense changed? How? 2) What influences your dress sense? 3) Does money affect your style? 4) What course do you study?
The people I interviewed are all students at Dundee University and all do different courses. The majority of people i asked are a friends flatmate who I do not know well.
There are three main types of interview's: 1. Structured - following a set list of questions 2. Semi-structured - you follow a plan but can deviate to follow up on interesting comments 3. Unstructured - Informal and basically making it up as you go along. We have been asked to follow along a semi-structured interview.

The first person I asked was a male, 19 and studies politics. He said that his style of clothing hasn't changed at all but budget does come into affect. Having a year out allowed him to work and have more disposable money but now that he has to be more independent and cover costs for food etc, he cannot go clothes shopping often. Nothing really influences his choice of style and he said that if he sees something he likes he just gets it.

The second person was male, 19 and studies business. He said his style of clothes hadn't changed either but he has a lot more "casual" and "comfy" clothing because he has his own flat, he likes to laze about, especially since his course is more theoretical and completed on a laptop. He says that the people around him influence his choice of clothing but again money is tight so barely ever goes clothes shopping.

The third was a female, 19 and studies psychology. This girl said that her style hadn't changed much either but she does go shopping a lot more due to the fact the high street is on her doorstep and she is more independent being away from home. The only thing that has changed is she has more " going out clothes", again being away from home and living an active social life. The things that influence her style is magazine trends and what the other people around her are wearing.

The fourth person i interviewed was 20 and studies animation. In contrast to the other she said her style changed quite a lot in first year at art school. She said that because she is in Uni a lot she like to be comfortable and doesn't really care too much about her image when going about the Campus. As the same as me she used to wear jeans quite a lot casually but now prefers a skirt and tights mainly for comfort reasons. The people the influence her are her friends and noticing what other people are wearing around the art school.

Female, 18 and studies Anatomy. This student is only in first year and says that her style of clothing hasn't changed one bit. She is more style of comfort and likes to make an effort when going out to lectures etc. She doesn't get too dressed up for going out though. Her parents still give her quite a bit of money so she buys the latest trends. Everything around her influences her dress sense, friends, magazines, celebrities.

The sixth person i interviewed was female, 20 and studies Law. Her dress sense hasn't changed either. The only thing that has changed is as she has a more active social life, she a lot more " going out " clothes too. She said that she has her own style and nothing really influences her that much.

And the last person I chose to interview was male, 21 and studies sports science. He said that his style hadn't changed at all and doesn't ever go shopping. Simple because he doesn't like it and money is tight so he would rather spend it on socializing and food. But agrees that the friends around him are the people who most influence him.

The conclusion I came to after completed these interviews with different students is that not many people change dress sense but definitely have more ' going out ' clothes because of the increased social life. My dress sense has changed quite a lot since i left home and moved to University, especially at Art school ( a practical course) , where it really is like a class environment again so your constantly around people. Rather than jeans I also prefer to wear more comfortable clothing like skirts, leggings, tights etc. The dress sense of more theoretical courses barely change at all because they only attend lectures for a couple hours a day.

I have to say I was quite nervous interviewing people I didn't know well but doing so in a flat environment it was more relaxing and made the interviewing technique definitely "semi-structured" and quite informal.

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