Sunday, 10 April 2011

5 things. . .

So as part of Assignment 5, we have been asked to plan 5 things to do/change that is linked with design studies, which can be completed over our Summer holidays!

5 changes I will do to my blog:
  • Create a new layout
  • Find more interesting designers Blogs to follow
  • Add my Twitter account to my Blog page
  • Add more photographs of my own work
  • BLOG more!
5 book (linked to design studies) I will look into:
  • Blink by Malcolm Gladwell. This book looks into why spontaneous designs can be the best of ones. Compared to long thought out processed ideas.
  • Design Thinking by Thomas Lockwood. This book looks into design for innovation, service design and meaningful customer experiences. It looks interesting because it is full of case studies giving examples.
  • I miss my pencil by Martine Bone and Kara Johnson.This unusual book looks into the journey of a designer. It's not about the final product, the process or the design legacy but the communication in modern day's like today... In order to achieve success.
  • Outliners: The Story of Success by Malcolm Gladwell. "Outliners" is again about the process and factors of becoming successful in what you do and how you cannot do it alone.
  • In the bubble: Designing in a complex world by John Thackara. "In the Bubble" focuses on why people are becoming so obsessed in modern day with technology and just "stuff". Thackara describes a transformation that is taking place.
5 designers I will try to get in contact with:
  • Egle Petrauskaite. Egle graduated at Duncan of Jordanstone with a Textile degree in 2008. She is now based in London where she takes on Projects. Although she specialises mainly in Print, It is her drawing technique that I was drawn to.
  • Joyce Forsyth - Scottish knitwear designer (Based in Edinburgh). Joyce has her own shop on the Royal Mile, Edinburgh which is very handy for me to visit. I love her fantastic choice of bold, exciting colour in her knit pieces.
  • Patricia Brown. Brown specialises in crochet, felt making and knitting but for absolutely everything... ranging from installations, fashion accessories and exhibition pieces. Some of her pieces are sea-like themed which is the theme I chose for my self motivated project, so it would be interesting to see her pieces.
  • Catriona McLaughlin (Wildcat designs).. Another interesting young knitwear designer who specialises in a lot of different areas. Her pieces are dainty and work intriguing.
  • Kate Samphier. Kate Samphier is a contemporary textile designer specialising in the design and creation of knitted accessories for women, babies and the home. Her scarfs for example are handmade, beautiful and soft.

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