Friday, 11 March 2011

Seminar! 10.03.2011

Every fortnight we meet up with a design studies tutor to discuss the weeks assignment and how we all got on - and if we need any help!. As our last tutor Lesley McGee is moving to Wales, we have two new seminar leaders: Lisa MacLean and Kate Pickering. Lisa McLean graduated with a Masters in Design at Duncan of Jordanstone and is is co-organiser of JUDEmagazine. It was weird having a seminar with Kate Pickering because we received a lecture from her a couple of weeks ago and it was like sitting next to someone famous! They were both really down to earth, up for a chat and helpful! Instead of sitting and chatting we got separated into groups and were asked to design a product for something we noticed in assignment 3 - Design safari. It was a good laugh but at the same time made us realise that we do both textile design and DESIGN STUDIES... we can go onto designing anything we want and don't need to stick within our chosen discipline. As four of my friends and I went to the bingo the week before we decided to design more of an event! Looking around the Bingo hall, we noticed a lot of the older generation sitting alone. They had all their pens lined up ready for the game to begin, which let us know that they were definately locals there! So why sit alone?! We came up with the idea of dating bingo.. A normal game of bingo would be played and player would move around and play contability bingo, marker the person across from them out of 10. At the end, the players who have matched each other win a meal for two!.
We also chatted about our next assignment: Interviews: but not as we know.
This assignment asks us to interact with people in the form of an interview. We carry out the interviews by ourselves but can also work thro brainstorming and interpretation ( look at sevice design tools).
We have to chose a topic which we have looked into, since summer e.g. What do people treasure?, What jewellery means to people?, Do magazines influence you?, Has your dress sense changed since you came to university?, etc.
Although I'm not 100% sure what one I'll be picking yet, I like the look of the dress sense one because I can interact with younger people. I'm not a very confident person at all, so this assignment shall definately be a challenge to me! Hopefully I can find some friends of a friend to help me with my assignment :)

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