Monday, 7 February 2011

Semester 2 Project!

Trend Forecasting!:)

For this project we were asked to research what trend forecasting is, pick a trend, research all about it then produce out own samples (either in knit or print).
Fashion trend forecasting resources help predict trends in the fashion industry. They go by seasons and are released 18 months in advance! They should provide a clear and concise message into the lifestyle and culture of that trend and each trend should contain a colour palette to go with it as well.
I decided to look into 'Relaxing: the beauty of the natural' - Summer 2011. It could contain:
  • colour which are fresh and intuitive
  • glowing and healthy tones
  • unfussy - respect to nature
  • basic, uncomplicated and basic
My colour palette should be earthy, organic, fresh, clean cut and neutral.
Mixed media will contain, weaving, dry plants, crispy, rugged, textural and stitched materials
My garments should be, simple, loose, unstructured, airy, unfitted and uncomplicated.

For a source of Primary drawing I am planning to look at fields at different times of days and the natural beauty of them and how I could translate that picturesque view into a textile.

I am seriously looking forward to getting stuck into this project rather than last semester, as we are all doing our different trends. I enjoy researching artists, designers and ways in which they can inspire my own work!

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