Friday, 18 February 2011

Lauren Currie Lecture - Red Jotter.

Lauren Currie is a Product design graduate from Duncan of Jordanstone Art College, Dundee. She fully graduated in 2009 with a masters degree in Design. The lecture was split into three parts: 1) Studio Unbound - helping you design your own network 2) What are you going to do when your graduate? 3) What Lauren does for a living - Service Design.
Although with her knowledge of product design, Lauren specialises in Service Design. This considers planning the infrastructure and communication of a service and trying to improve its quality: ranging from altering services such as the NHS, Education, Policing and Charities companies into making the service work better. Socially focused into making the world better!.
She is now in business with her co-partner Sarah Drummond who graduated from Glasgow School of Art. Snook is the name of their company, and it is now well known and very successful.
I feel like the main point conveyed in the lecture today was to emphasise clearly to everyone, to get ourselves out there in as many places as possible (especially early in our university life), to boost our advantage of having a successful career when we graduate.
Lauren spoke about how she came about becoming so popular by acting confident and  believing from the beginning in her work and ideas. I am not afraid to say that today's lecture was the most thought provoking and useful lecture i have ever sat through. I think when it is a younger speaker who has recently went through the same things we are going through right now, it helps get the message through clearer that we can do anything we want to, if we try! I came out of the lecture theatre thinking that I'm better making mistakes now and learning from them, than sitting back and not doing anything at all. I have to admit that I'm not a very confident person but after hearing Laurens speech it has definitely helped boost my confidence because at the end of the day everyone is in the same boat! I just need to think: What makes me a better textile designer?

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