Monday, 7 February 2011

Lecture 04.02.2011

On Friday, we had a very insightful lecture from Kate Pickering and Fraser Bruce.
Kate Pickering is a graduate of Jewellery and Metal Design at Duncan of Jordanstone and completed a Masters of Design at Dundee in 2009. I feel as though I could relate to her as she was in the same position as me not that long ago. I enjoyed hearing about her determination to get to where she wanted in life and how he eventually got it. She got to where she is now by taking risks and I feel that that is what I really need to do in my Textile course. Just really go for it because that's all i can do, in succeeding. Kate has now set up her own intuitive, made to help Jewellery students into what they can expect and aim for once they have graduated and help the creators get into business. Personally, I think its a great idea as I still don't seem 100% sure on what career I'm interesting in pursuing and how to get there.
Kate worked with Fraser Bruce in her Masters degree and got the chance to work with Deutsche Telekom in creating new designs for them.

Things I have taken away from this lecture: I need to be able to pitch myself and It's not all about the final product but the process to it!!!

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