Friday, 5 November 2010

Friday 05.11.2010

Since going into second year textile design i have been given the great opportunity to hear from numerous well known designers and how they fit into the design business and it has really made me think that it could be me one day doing speeches to students, from where i started off.
For example today we had a lecture from jewellery and metal designer Hazel White. She completed her first degree of English and History at Edinburgh University but also graduated from Duncan of Jordanstone with a degree in Jewellery and Metal Design in 1993.
She spoke about a lot of different fields that she had looked into ranging from bling Philips and Swaroski USB pens, prayer beads, domesticating telecare and charm bracelets.

I found two areas of the talk most interesting.  The first part was about how she designed a sort of memory box mainly marketed for those who have long distance relationships with relatives e.g. people living in the Shetland Islands. In the Shetland Island most of the younger generation leave to study at universities but do not return due to the lack of job opportunities. Hazel White designed a simple wooden box that contained a built in i phone which was set up to the web page flikr. There would be small knitted cushions in the box, each resembling a different family member. When a cushion was placed onto an area in the box recent photographs come up on the i phone. This design is perfect for the elderly who want to keep contacted with family members.

The piece of information i will take away from the lecture is thee quote White spoke saying: "Design things fast, so you can move on". I often find within my textile work that the pieces i complete which are most successful are those which took least amount of time. I find that i also prefer the one's which i don't think into to much.

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