Saturday, 13 November 2010

"Craft & Form of Capital " - Hamid Van Koten

Yesterday we had a lecture from Hamid Van Koten - Who is a training and consultancy at VKconsultants and Lecturer/ Researcher at Dundee University. He graduated from Glasgow school of Art with a degree in product design.

Hamid Van Koten was trying to get the message across between the difference of Art & Design and Craft.
What is Craft?
Craft started a very long time ago, back in the BC era where people would use only materials such as beads, shells and stone to create products. Pottery also was a large area of craft for example Zuni Potts.

He talked about architecture in craft and used The Angel of the North in Newcastle and The Sphinxes in both Turkey and Egypt. Were these built as pieces of Art or Architecture?

 "In European decorative art, the sphinx enjoyed a major revival during the Renaissance. Later, the sphinx image, something very similar to the original Ancient Egyptian concept, was exported into many other cultures, albeit often interpreted quite differently due to translations of descriptions of the originals and the evolution of the concept in relation to other cultural traditions."
     - Wikipedia

I enjoyed looking at the slide of a lace chair, interior and industrial designer Marcel Wanders created using hardened lace therefore making it a hollow object.

But my favourite area of the lecture was looking at the group "Cast Off", Who are a social knitting group and encourage people to join them where ever they are. They even managed to create a whole wedding based on knit (even the confetti).
As a textile designer these parts of the lecture stood out to me most because that is what i enjoy learning about. Next week we even go onto a week of knit which I'm highly looking forward too.

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